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Hastings Rivertown Days Tennis Tournament

41st Anniversary - Rivertown Days Tennis Tournament

The best four days of the 2019 summer in Hastings are July 18-21, 2019


Join us for This Special event!

2018 Rivertown Days Tennis Tourney 

We want to thank everyone who participated in our 40th Annual Rivertown Days Tennis Tournament!  Thank you for your patience on Thursday and Friday as the rains came and we had to play in between rain showers and then eventually had to call it for the night.  There was so much incredible tennis played in four days and connections made that we hope will bring you back next year!

Thank you also to all of our generous sponsors who helped to make this tournament was it was by donating money, gift bag items and their time.  

And let's not forget all the volunteers and helpers who without them, the tournament would not have ran so smoothly.  Many people stepped up when asked and provided many hours of their time to make the tournament a success.

See you next year at the 41st Annual Tennis Tournament!

All final results are posted.

Junior Events
U12 Boys Singles        U12 Girls Singles       U14 Girls and Boys doubles 
U14 Boys Singles        U14 Girls Singles       U18 Girls and Boys Doubles
U16 Boys Singles        U16 Girls Singles       U14 Mixed Doubles
U18 Boys Singles        U18 Girls Singles       U18 Mixed Doubles

Adult Events
Women's Division I                         Men's Division I          
Women's Division II                        Men's Division II

Women's Doubles Division I    Women's Doubles Division II

Men's Doubles Division II           Men's Doubles Division II

Mixed Doubles Division I            Mixed Doubles Division II      Mixed Doubles Division III  


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The Ron Eggert Good Sportsmanship Award
In 2013, the Hastings tennis community lost a long time supporter, Ron Eggert. Ron and his doubles partner, Dwaine Glasenapp, played in the RTD Tournament for 34 years. In honor of Ron, each year, the spectators of the tournament select a player who exhibits good sportsmanship on and off the tennis court to receive the Ron Eggert Good Sportsmanship Award. The 2018 award winner was Alanna Knutson from New Richmond.   

Previous award winners:

Jorden Burow (2013)

Joe Zak (2014)

Lucas Ussatis (2015)

Audrey Langworthy (2016)

Chloe Konrady (2017)

Audrey Langworthy (right) presents the 2017 Ron Eggert Good Sportsmanship Award to Chloe Konrady (left)

Hastings Rivertown Days Tennis Tournament Countdown