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Welcome to the Home of the Hastings Tennis Association

The Hastings Tennis Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. The mission of HTA is to serve the community of Hastings, MN by enhancing the social, academic and leadership skills of youth and by offering recreational and competitive tennis programs to both youth and adults to promote physical well being. 


2019 Fall Junior Programs

2019 Fall Junior Program Information

2019 Adult Fall Programming - Register Now

Adult Fall. Program Information

The 2019 Summer interns will be...

We would like to announce the 2019 Summer Interns will be returning for his second summer - Alec Rudh and joining him this summer will be Izzy Kranz.  We are very excited to have them be our HTA Interns!

Let's get to know them a bit and see why they wanted to be the 2019 HTA Interns:

Welcome Izzy Kranz!

  • Why did you choose to pursue the HTA Internship?  I wanted to give back what Hastings Tennis gave to me!  I have played tennis in Hastings for many years and it's been an amazing experience that I will never forget.  Hastings Tennis helped me grow as a tennis player and as  a person with the awesome coaches and friends involved in the community, and I hope to do the same.
  • What do you feel is the most exciting part of the intership?  I am excited to work with people of all ages, but I am most excited to be working with so many people, making each day exciting and new in its own way.
  • What is your personal goal as the Intern?  One of my personal goals is to make sure tennis is as enjoyable for everyone as it has been for me, while strengthening my people skills.  I hope to help the players reach their individual goals that are realistic and challenging to them and make it a goal to stick with them.  Overall, I want tennis to be a positive experience for everyone.  I would like to encourage a balance of hard work and a fun upbeat atmosphere to help give each player have the best experience possible.
  • If you could be any tennis player, who would you be and why?   I would be Rodger Federer.  He moves with so much grace and makes everything look so simple, while always keeping his temper in check.  Federer is someone I admire for his playing style and character.

Welcome Back Alec Rudh!

  • Why did you choose to pursue the HTA Internship?  Tennis is still such a big part of my life in college, so it was an easy decision to pursue this internship.  Being able to give back to an association that did so much for me in high school is the least thing I could do.
  • What do you feel is the most exciting part of the intership?  I am looking forward to the new features that HTA will include on our social media platforms this summer.  There will be a lot more posts and engagement with our followers.  Also, I am excited for the Junior Team Tennis season.  Every year there is something unique about each JTT season, so I am eager to start the summer journey with the new teams.
  • What is your personal goal as the Intern?  A goal I have for the summer is to implement more of a 1 on 1 coaching style with my players.  Hastings Tennis has had a high amount of recent success at all age levels, but I believe our players can still take an extra step to gain more knowledge and skills for their playing style.  Working with specific parts of each player's game will allow our community to take that extra step.
  • If you could be any tennis player, who would you be and why?   I would be Andy Murray.  His grit and never give-up attitude he has each and every point is what I like most about his game.

2019 Recipients of the HTA Men's & Women's League Scholarships

James Scharr and Elizabeth Henrichs received the 2019 HTA Men's and Women's League Scholarships on May 20, 2019.  Both James and Elizabeth have played tennis for many years and have been volunteer coaches.  This past winter, they introduced tennis to the middle school OASIS students.  They are great mentors to our younger players.

It is awesome to know that when you play in a Hastings league, you will not only have the opportunity to play some competitive tennis, you will also be helping Hastings' students.

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Hastings Rivertown Days Tennis Tournament Countdown


42nd Annual Hastings RTD Tennis Tournament
Mark your calendars today!  You do not want to miss this outstanding event scheduled for July 16 - July 19, 2020!  There will be three ways to register for the event:  1) online at this site 2) via USTA Tennislink and 3) physical registration form.  

42nd Annual Hastings RTD Highlights:

  • Divisions for All Ages and Levels
  • Treat Bags for All Participants
  • Prizes for 1st & 2nd Place
  • Great tennis to watch!

Registration will be available in Spring 2020!

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