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Welcome to the Home of the Hastings Tennis Association

The Hastings Tennis Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. The mission of HTA is to serve the community of Hastings, MN by enhancing the social, academic and leadership skills of youth and by offering recreational and competitive tennis programs to both youth and adults to promote physical well being. 

2018 Fall Junior Tennis Program

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2018 Fall Adult Singles and Doubles Leagues

Fall Program Information


2019 Rivertown Days Tournament

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2018 Rivertown Days Tennis Tourney 

We want to thank everyone who participated in our 40th Rivertown Days Tennis Tournament!  Thank you for your patience on Thursday and Friday as the rains came and we had to play in between rain showers and then eventually had to call it for the night.  There was so much incredible tennis played in four days and connections made that we hope will bring you back next year!

Thank you also to all of our generous sponsors who helped to make this tournament what it was by donating money, gift bag items and their time.  

And let's not forget all the volunteers and helpers who without them, the tournament would not have ran so smoothly.  Many people stepped up when asked and provided many hours of their time to make the tournament a success.

See you next year at the 41st Rivertown Days Tennis Tournament!

All final results are posted.

Meet the Recipients of the HTA Scholarships!

Izzy Kranz and Joe Zak are the recipients of the 2018 HTA Men's and Women's League Scholarships! We are proud to have them in our HTA Programs. 

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Hastings Rivertown Days Tennis Tournament Countdown


40th Hastings RTD Tennis Tournament
Mark your calendars today!  You do not want to miss this outstanding event scheduled for July 19 - July 22, 2018!  There will be three ways to register for the event:  1) online at this site 2) via USTA Tennislink and 3) physical registration form.  

40th Hastings RTD Highlights:

  • Divisions for All Ages and Levels
  • T-Shirts for all participants
  • Special Events
  • Great tennis to watch!

Register Today - Find the Link Above Under Rivertown Days Tournament

Tennis - Life Is Good

Meet the HTA 2018 Summer Interns!

We would like to welcome Erin Henrichs and Alec Rudh who were chosen to be the HTA 2018 Summer Interns!  We are very excited to have them get started!  Both probably look very familiar to the tennis courts in that Erin Henrichs is returning for her 2nd year as the HTA Intern and Alec Rudh graduated from Hastings High School in June 2017.  Both were Varsity Players for Hastings High School.

We wanted to introduce the Interns by asking them 7 very important "Tennis" questions...let's see how they did:

Erin answered...


1.  One of my favorite things about tennis is that it is a lifelong sport - you can play it at any age.  Along with that, I love coaching tennis to all different ages, whether the players are 4 year olds, U12ers or senior citizens.

2.  My favorite tennis player is Roger Federer because he is not only well respected and very good at the game, but he carries himself well on and off the court.

3.  I just completed my 2nd year at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and am working toward becoming a Physical Therapist as my future career.  I'm majoring in Psychology with minors in Global Health and Gerontology.

4.  My favorite things to do outside of tennis is, "I Love to Run" and I also really like to eat ice cream.

5.  If I were a tennis stroke I would be the backhand, not only because it is my favorite stroke to hit, but it is so unexpected.  Most people have a better forehand than a backhand and so when you hit a good backhand your opponent is normally caught off guard, especially if your backhand is consistently better than your forehand.

6.  If I could have any super power it would be to be able to teleport so I could get to places quicker and have more time in the day not having to account for travel time.

7.  My main goal for this summer is to make sure that everyone, at all ages that I will be coaching, is having fun while they are learning the game of tennis.  Along with this, I am hoping to see improvement in each and every one of the players that I get the opportunity to coach this summer!

Alec Answered...


1.  My favorite aspect of tennis is having the opportunity to play different types of players.  Every tennis player has something in their game that no other individual has.  Doubles or singles, I enjoy competing against all types of tennis players.

2.  My favorite tennis player is Andy Murray.  Yes, many people do disagree with me and think I am crazy to choose him.  I love the grinding mentality of Murray.  He works so hard every point, and I try to play similar to him.

3.  I am currently attending Saint Mary's University of Minnesota in Winona.  I am double majoring in Sport Management and Business Analytics.  In the future, I hope to be a sports commentator or work in the front office of a professional sports team.

4.  My favorite thing to do outside of tennis is to watch high school hockey.  I played hockey in high school, and enjoyed it very much.  My dad and I travel around the state of Minnesota to watch games and attend the State tournament every year.

5.  If I could be any tennis stroke in tennis, I would be  a forehand.  My forehand is definitely my strong suit.  When I hit my forehand, I know that it is 90% going in and will have some heat on it.

6.  If I could have any super power, I would want to be able to go back in time.  There were many good memories I had when I was younger, so I would love to be able to go back to the past and relive those memories.

7.  One of my main goals this summer is to share the love I have for tennis with the Hastings tennis community.  Playing for the Hastings Varsity team and coach Mick Willette, I had the best time of my life playing high school tennis.  No matter what age I am working with, I want to impact others in a way that they will enjoy tennis the same way I do.

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